The Baltic Way: a musical bond between Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


Sunday 1 September at 7pm


Rodrigo Calveyra, artistic director, cornetto, recorders 

Ieva Gaidamavičiūtė, soprano 

Renata Dubinskaitė, mezzo-soprano 

Nerijus Masevičius, bass 

Agnese Kannina-Liepina, baroque (Latvija)

Reinut Tepp, organ  (Estonia)



This programme was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way. Special guests from Latvia and Estonia will complete the Lithuanian team, performing pieces by the most representative baroque composers from each of the three countries, according to the aim of the festival to make the oldest organ in Lithuania shine through the music of its time.


The programme is a musical journey from Lithuania to Latvia and Estonia and therefore built in three parts: the first part represents Lithuania through the music by Giovanni Battista Cocciola, the kappelmeister at Leonas Sapiega’s court in Vilnius, a forgotten composer who was known all over Europe in his time! And of course the music by Tarquinio Merula, organist and composer at the Vasa’s court and one of the most refined composers of instrumental music of the 17th century.


Latvia is represented by Johann Valentin Meder, who lived his last 19 years in Riga. Meder, according a very important composer of his time Johann Mattheson, was “an outstanding organist and singer, and a composer of repute”. He made a huge influence for German composers of the next generations; some musicologists affirm that some elements of the colossal St. Matthew’s Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach were inspired exactly by St. Matthew’s Passion by Meder. The other composer representing Latvia is Johann Fischer, who worked in Jelgava between 1690 and 1697. Fischer had influences from many different composers, such as Samuel Capricornus and Jean-Baptiste Lully.


The Estonian part of this programme presents a composer who is unknown nowadays: the Estonian Ludwig Busbetzky, pupil of Dietrich Buxtehude. Busbetzky was a notable composer and two of his works were until recently attributed to Buxtehude. One of these pieces is presented in this program. And finally, two pieces by the very inspired Arvo Pärt were arranged for early music instruments to conclude this program. Pärt is one of the most prominent contemporary composers of our days.


The Baltic Way is a musical programme made to remember and cheer the peaceful movement between the Baltic States, which has inspired and still inspires the world towards solidarity, freedom and peace.


Rodrigo Calveyra









Giovanni Battista Cocciola                

Ave mundi spes Maria           


Tarquinio Merula                              

La Cattarina                                      


Giovanni Battista Cocciola 

O quam metuendus                            


Tarquinio Merula                              

Confitebor tibi Domine                                  




Johann Fischer                                   

Bleib bey uns                                     


Johann Valentin Meder        


Jubilate Deo                                      




Ludwig Busbetzky                            

Laudate Dominum                             


Arvo Pärt       

Pari intervallo                       

Vater Unser                                       


Arrangement by Rodrigo Calveyra for a Lithuanian mezzo-soprano, Latvian violinist and Estonian organist


CV Canto Fiorito & Rodrigo Calveyra