Lithuania Splendour: Treasures of Lithuanian Baroque Music



Sunday 24 September at 7pm

Canto Fiorito

Artistic director Rodrigo Calveyra


Ieva Gaidamavičiūtė, soprano

Renata Dubinskaitė, mezzosoprano

Saulė Šerytė, mezzosoprano

Algirdas Bagdonavičius, tenor

Nerijus Masevičius, bass

Ieva Baublytė, recorders

Rodrigo Calvyera, cornetto, recorders

Josué Meléndez Peláez, cornetto, recorders

Davide Pozzi, organ



Lithuania Splendour presents the best examples of Lithuanian baroque music production and practice. Giovanni Battista Cocciola was an Italian composer, working in Vilnius as a Kapellmeister at Leonas Sapiega’s court in the beginning of the XVII century. Although most of Cocciola’s work is lost, the collection of surviving sacred pieces shows he was an exquisite composer. Works from the Braunsberg Tablature are also present in the programme, since it was an organ book written in the beginning of the XVII century at Braunsberg Jesuit Collegium, which belonged to Lithuanian Jesuit Province and had tight connections with Vilnius University. Pieces by Orlando di Lasso and Giovanni Gabrieli are performed with the original divisions from this organ tablature. Finally, programme presents composers who worked for the king of the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth Sigismund III Vasa, such as Tarquinio Merula, Diomedes Cato and Bartlomiej Pekiel. The court used to travel regularly from Warsaw to Vilnius with its musicians, who were a part of the Lithuanian music scene. This program recreates the musical atmosphere of Lithuania in the beginning of the XVII century, performed with its most important surviving historical organ.






Giovanni Battista Cocciola, Ave Sanctissima Maria


Andrzej Rohaczewski, Canzon a 4


Giovanni Battista Cocciola, Deus, Deus Meus 


Tarquinio Merula, Canzona “La treccha”

Giovanni Battista Cocciola, Ave Verum Corpus


Diomedes Cato, Canzona Diomedis


Bartlomiej Pekiel, Dulcis amor Jesu


Braunsberg Tablature/Giovanni Gabrieli, Fuga France


Braunsberg Tablature / Orlando di Lasso, Bonjour mon cœur                       


Giovanni Battista Cocciola, Ave Mundi Spes Maria


Tarquinio Merula, Sonata Cromatica per Organo


Tarquinio Merula, Ciaccona


Giovanni Battista Cocciola, Jubilate Deo                        


Tarquinio Merula, Folle e ben che si crede 

(5 parts version by R. Calveyra)