Divino Dialogo is a program that aims to reveal different kinds of dialogues in music. First of all appears the dialogue between the church and court music; the duality of amor sacro and amor profano has always been one of the most important sources of inspiration in arts.


Another emblematic dialogue, which is very significant for the ensemble Canto Fiorito, is between voices and instruments. Since the early renaissance instruments like sackbuts or cornets were used to replace voices in vocal pieces. During the XVII century many composers tried to explore all technical possibilities of these instruments to reach a high semantic level in their melodic lines. Composers like Monteverdi, Landi and Lotti, performed in this program, show how magnificent the interaction between voices and instruments can be.


Finally, it is the dialogue between performers and the public. Music is capable of shifting perception and building new bounds to human interaction. Like Goethe once said: “Music begins where words end”.


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