Lithuanian Musical Heritage Education Project with Historical Church Organs 


The project, funded by EEA Grants and implemented by Lithuanian early music ensemble Canto Fiorito and Norwegian early music ensemble Silva Norvegica aims to introduce school children to the historical organs preserved in their towns and the historical music that was performed in Lithuania when these organs were created. This goal will be achieved in cooperation with regional schools and parishes. For this project, the most valuable historical organs were selected. They are located in regional towns of Kretinga, Varniai, Adakavas, and Kartena and were tuned and restored during the project (additionally, due to requirements of the fund to implement project activities in one county centre, the project will take place in Taurage with the organ of later period). The series of educational events will provide children of these towns with knowledge about early music and will prepare them for the final concert, which will feature baroque music of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, performed by 5 voices, cornetto, sackbuts, viola da gamba, and organ. The final concert will also be presented to the general public of all 5 towns. Local communities will be encouraged to use their historical heritage not only in the liturgy but also in cultural events.

The project also aims to introduce music school students to the historically informed performance of early music. Organ masterclasses lead by Norwegian organist Nikolai Endresen Dahl from Silva Norvegica will be organized for piano students of Varniai and Kretinga.