To cherish the cooperation between Canto Fiorito and Musica Antiqua Salzburg, this program presents two pearls of the baroque sacred music from the Vasa’s and Habsburg’s Courts.


The Sancta Maria Mass by Marco Scacchi, a major Italian composer who worked for the Vasa’s between 1628 and 1649, is a canon mass and shows a high level of composition technique. In a very deep way, Scacchi puts all musical resources to enlightening the word.


The Magnificat sopra “Magnificat Orlandi” is a masterpiece by Johann Stadlmayr. He was the director of the court orchestra of Salzburg and Innsbruck, and left a wide legacy of sacred music. This Magnificat astonishes by its festive character and as well by its basso ostinato.


The program is completed with music by Stefano Bernardi and Antonio Bertali, composers who also worked for the Habsburgs, and by Giovanni Gabrieli, Giovanni Paolo Cima and Ludovico da Viadana, Italian masters of the renaissance counterpoint, aiming to take advantage of particular instrumental formation of Canto Fiorito and Musica Antiqua Salzburg.


Cornetts and sackbuts were used to replace or accompany voices during musical events in the church since early renaissance times. The combination of voices and wind instruments is as beautiful as it is rare nowadays, filling the walls of churches with rich palette of sounds.






Marco Scacchi, Sancta Maria Mass


Giovanni Gabrieli, Canzona I a 5


Stefano Bernardi, Ad te Domini levavi  a 8


Ludovico da Viadana, Canzon francese in risposta


Giovanni Paolo Cima, Misericordias tuas


Antonio Bertali, Sonata a 5


Giovanni Gabrieli, Maria Virgo a 10


Johann Stadlmayr, Magnificat VIII toni a 5





5 singers, 2 cornettos, 3 sackbuts, 1 organ